Flower in the Hills — 1st Release in Classic Collection

First Title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection

 Flower in the Hills

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Norma Jean Lutz


         Latina Harmen knew she was going to hate Missouri. “There’s nothing in Missouri!” she had told her father when he announced they were to spend the summer there. And now she knew she had been one hundred and ten percent right.
        Latina had taken for granted that she would enjoy another happy summer vacation with her friends at the beach at Periwinkle Cove. But no! Instead she’ll be stuck in a hick town with no one around but her boring parents and bratty brother.
        How could she have guessed the beauty that lay waiting for her in those dark, brooding hills? How was she to know that she would meet Tully, whose friendship would forever change her heart?

Norma Jean Lutz

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The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection is a collection of re-released titles of my previously-published novels for teens.

I hear from parents and teens alike who are searching for clean, lighthearted, novels. Paranormal is fine for a while, but much like gorging on too much ice cream, after a while it can become tedious and dull. This is why I made the decision to bring back the novels that I authored in the 80s and 90s. Reading audiences deserve a choice and I want to give them that choice.

These story plots are timeless; such stories never grow out of style in spite of the fact they were penned several decades ago.

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